Why would copywriting help your business?

We run into so many potential clients that honestly believe that since they can write an English sentence, then they can write their own online content. But people need to understand that website copywriting is a trained skill that is very different to writing an English sentence for a report, letter, or school assignment.

So why would copywriting help your business?

Copywriters are writers trained in selling your products or services every time someone reads your business documents. Tangible Words’ copywriters research your brand and your competition, conceptualize and craft copy for your target audience.
Copywriters communicate your expertise succinctly. How much time could your business save if you didn’t have write your next e-newsletter, or letter to your client?
Give readers of your website, letters, and brochures the chance to become your customer: Tangible Words’ Copywriters help you successfully sell more with every written document. Start with a FREE website audit of your content.