Why Your Sales Team Needs Inbound Marketing

Here’s why the sales process is machine-like: proper maintenance and attention mean the best parts will be made, or more and better sales will happen – because you followed a process that works for you and the customer (this is the foundation of inbound marketing).

Maintaining efficiency through the sales process requires the absolute best parts in place to keep your team operating at their best.

And If you don’t have an official sales team, like many of the tourism, economic development teams we know, an inbound marketing agency can train your staff to still build efficiency into your team. This is critical if you don’t have anyone to properly manage incoming prospects and lead them through the sales funnel to a finished sale, or “decision”.

Collecting data will show you what’s successful and what’s not. Benchmarking that data with the help of an inbound  agency will save your team time and effort in the future.

You may want to consider the further advantages of working with an inbound marketing agency.

inbound marketing agency help for your business

5 Ways An Inbound Marketing Agency Will Benefit Your Sales Staff

  1. The advantage of Inbound – the content on your site will offer beneficial information and answer questions – they will come to you.
  2. Sales enablement training– Adding effective and repeatable series and systems to your sales operations, created by an agency like Tangible Words, means that your staff will waste less time on creation and spends more on customization of content.
  3. Content Creation – a six-person team of professionals will create, schedule and allow you to see all edits of content from draft one to final copy.
  4. Seller Experience – a focussed approach that minimizes distractions and keeps your staff daily involvement in mind – free of unnecessary organizational noise that takes away from the selling process.
  5. HubSpot ExpertiseHubSpot CRM is marketing software that takes an all-in-one approach to your needs. Streamlined and efficient; Tangible Words professionals know how to leverage it to convert leads to sales.

Every minute a sale rep spends creating content is a minute they are not selling. The fact that salespeople take time to produce personalized content shows how important it  is in the final stages of a buyer’s journey” (HubSpot)

Your company may have some sales parts in place and some leads turn to sales, but what if a company could do more than just some? Marketing agencies like Tangible Words can train your staff. If you have an existing sales machine and it needs some maintenance – see the advantages professionals like Tangible Words can bring to your earnings.

Learn More about Inbound Marketing 

There are many different ways you can use inbound marketing to attract qualified leads and close more deals with less work.

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