32 Ways To Improve Your Social Media

Jeff Bullas' blog
Jeff Bullas' blog

I really like Jeff Bullas posts. I follow him on my website copywriter Twitter account, and I find his content to be original and informative.

I saw today this headline from Jeff today RE: improving your online video social media marketing success–but I think it has inspirational strategies for online marketing, whether you’re into video yet or not.

One argument for getting into video (for those of us who aren’t yet doing it daily…) is that your online videos probably don’t have to be as polished as you think.
So if you’re weary of putting together an online movie, because you think it involves editing, music, and actors: Remember, your online movie doesn’t have to strive for Hollywood blockbuster calibre.  I think, as long as you have something to say, and an interesting way (e.g. passion) to say it, people will listen to you.
Maybe you haven’t done it yet because you are wondering what to write?