Are you looking for a great job where you can work anywhere?

We Like These Skills on Our Team:

1. Coachable

Ready to learn and implement all feedback without supervision. You are capable and love to learn!

2. Organized time managers

Set short and long term goals according to a time plan and complete each day’s objectives on Asana to keep the team on track, and make sure the end goal is hit on time.

3. Tech-Savvy

A love to learn and work independently with complicated online tools.

4. Seek a work-life balance

We want you to love your life!

5. Conscientious

You always hold yourself accountable to that which you commit.

6. Excellent communication skills

You respond to each point on an email or task.

7. Diligent

You can lock off your schedule and enjoy meeting deadlines.

8. Able to react quickly to new jobs

You have the flexibility to get started when you’re needed.

9. Personable

Has a great understanding of customer service, active listening and how to build rapport.

10. Data nerd

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to know the numbers until you understand how to fix them!

TW's Core Values:

  1. Determination: find a way to make good results happen. 

  2. Problem-solving: track & communicate wins, victories and potholes. 

  3. Professionalism: take notes, project manage, be accountable for the action and the result. 

  4. Enthusiasm: we are energetic, tenacious, and lay track to improve. 

  5. Relief: we always create relief, always help others profit

What it’s like to work in such a flexible environment.

Tangible Words’ project support, copywriters, growth strategists, copy editors, web developers, and graphic designers enjoy the luxury of conforming their workday to other aspects of their lives; they can be in control of work times, number of hours, and time off. These Tangible Words contractors work remotely, and so they have the option of working from home.

Ceilidhe Wynn, PM Copywriter

'Tangible Words is the best job I’ve ever had. My work is rewarding, challenging, and creatively fulfilling. Vicky and Alysha are supportive, empathetic, flexible, and never make me feel like I have to choose between my career and my family. I’m always ready to give them my best, because they recognize hard work. Since working for Tangible Words, I’ve been able to pursue the career I’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice my commitment to my family. The pressure on women to “have it all” - whatever that means - is heavy but with Tangible Words I have the flexibility and the freedom to define what having it all means to me and the support to fulfill that vision.'

Charlotte Friesen, Growth Strategy Manager 

'Working with Alysha is a genuinely uplifting experience. She puts an immense amount of trust and confidence in her employees while giving them space to grow and ensuring they are set up for success. In situations where there is lack of surety on the part of our clients or within our own team, she’s always quick to jump in to give advice, offer guidance and help redirect the situation. She holds her own in any room. I feel incredibly lucky to watch her in action and learn from her.'

Suzanne McFarlane, Hubspot Technician

'As part of the ``sandwich generation``, working with Tangible Words allowed me to remain in the workforce and still look after my growing children and aging parents. When talking about the switch to Tangible Words with my daughter about a year later she said, ``It was the best day of my life.`` I have been happily coaching her soccer team, I’ve gotten my family to all their appointments, and I’ve been able to attend my children’s school tournaments. No haggling with the boss for time off, and I’m still getting paid well. I love being able to share my skills with like-minded coworkers and learn from those with new and innovative ideas and skills.'

Jean Rath, Copyeditor

'Working with Tangible Words gives me what I wanted when I became a freelance copy editor and writer: flexibility. I can take on as much work as I can handle, and still – for instance – go stay with a daughter when she’s expecting a baby, and travel to visit my elderly mother once a month. As a bonus, I can sometimes travel with my husband on his business trips. Tangible Words is also an excellent employer. Alysha and Vicky supply me with very interesting work, make sure I have the tools and skills I need to succeed, and support me throughout each project. It’s great being part of this team.'

Tangible Words Careers: Available Positions

Growth Strategy Manager

Looking for analytical thinkers/Senior Marketing Strategists that have experience with content strategy, client customer service and can hit OKR's. Experience with Hubspot is ideal!

Web Developer

Experienced with Hubspot CMS and/or WordPress? If you are great on a team, are conscientious, a problem-solver and can take direction – we’re going to hand you jobs! Work from home doing creative stuff you love, it’s that simple and awesome!

Project Support

Do you have project management experience? Do you have experience in online content writing, Hubspot, SEMRush, Canva or other software? You must complete our Copywriting  Course.

Graphic Designer

Do you have experience designing E-books, buttons, checklists & whitepapers in Canva and/or Adobe that are web friendly and convert well? If you're creative, detailed-oriented, can take direction – get design jobs handed to you!


You know how you are: detail oriented, pedantic, love to meticulously scrutinize every character you read – we need you! You must complete the Tangible Words Online Copywriting  Course.

SEO and Ad Specialist

Do you have Search Engine Optimization experience with content creation and website development? Can you work in SEMRush and Hubspot? Can you create high performing Paid Ads for lead nurturing, traffic generation, and bottom of the funnel offers?

Hubspot Technician

Do you have experience with the Hubspot platform including Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub? Can you analyze results? 

In Case You’re Not Sure What Copywriting Is:

We don’t do copyright ©!

– that’s legal stuff for lawyers! Wrong industry. Sorry about the homophone, someone wasn’t thinking that through 60 years ago.

Firstly, don’t worry: we’ll train you

so long as you have a University degree and are strong in academic writing. Secondly, Copywriting is a special style of writing. It’s sales writing. It’s different than what you learned in University or College classes. It’s writing for online readers – and for searching users on Google and other search and social platforms. Without using copywriting techniques, search engines won’t find you nor will potential customers!

Interested in Working With an Award Winning Hubspot Sales and Marketing Agency?

Email your resume, 2 references, 2 samples, and tell us a bit about yourself.

2019 - Bronze, Women-Run Workplace of the Year

Having it All in the Virtual Workplace
With no guide to follow, Vicky Marrack and Alysha Dominico have designed and built a business that supports women and men who want to work from home, build an awesome career, and still have time for family, hobbies, and health. Vicky and Alysha wanted their team to be able to have it all, so they developed a distributed office that allows team members to manage their own schedules around their personal lives while still making a good income.


Using Asana software, the Tangible Words team members efficiently access work assignments, collaborate on tasks, complete processes, and receive training. The “Tangy Team Space” also fosters a sense of community with regular celebrations of individual and team successes.

By trusting their team to structure their own lives and work hours Tangible Words has empowered their team members to maintain a healthy work-life balance and achieve great things in their personal lives.

2018 - Gold for Achievement in Promoting Work-Life Balance

Providing Flexibility for Women Who Want a Fair Shot at the Job Market
Despite growing gender equality, women continue to be overwhelmingly relied upon to stay home to care for children (in 2015, 75% of non-working women were stay-at-home moms), elderly family members (66% of informal caregivers are women), or both. Three-quarters of stay-at-home mothers would choose to continue working if they had flexible options, published McKinsey & Company in “Technology, Jobs, and the Future of Work.” Helping these women who want to succeed in careers and personal lives is Tangible Words’ primary goal.


Women who choose to work from home need to be able to stay up to date with technology and keep current with their industry. Tangible Words allows their team to do this. All Tangible Words writers are professionally trained and many of Tangible Words team members have specialized knowledge in fields like manufacturing, education, SaaS, food and beverage, economic development, and tourism. They are empowered to manage their own time and are supported to flex their work around real-life situations like when a kid gets sick, someone has a medical appointment, or they decide to sign up to run a marathon.

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