A Team To Work Smarter For You Without You Working Harder

Since 2010, Tangible Words has run full-time, online, in Australia and Canada (2011) so you’ll have the benefit of professionals who know what works in content marketing.

You’ll have experts in organizing, facilitating, documenting, training, managing, and professional copywriting.

“At each stage there are multiple checks and balances so that our industry experience and expertise helps you avoid hidden costs and risks of outsourcing your writing.” – Alysha Dominico, Founder, Tangible Words

Meet The Team

On every job, you’ll have a team working for you so you meet your online content demands and won’t ever lose momentum.

Alysha Dominico
Co-Founder, Sales and Marketing, Communications and Content Strategist

Alysha Dominico

Vicky Marrack
Co-founder, Business Development, Project Manager

Vicky Marrack

Trained SEO Copywriter

Suzanne McFarlane

Copyeditor and SEO Copywriter

Jean Rath

Website Developer

Ivan Tanzer

Economic Development Consultant

Jay Amer

International & Canadian French Translator

Nuance Fidelis

Industry Expertise - Helping You Succeed

From Economic Development to Manufacturers, to Tourism, to Professional Services - let's get you sales-ready and be part of your marketing and sales team. Using content strategy, SEO website copywriting, and inbound marketing, we can help you increase sales online by 340%, increase your qualified leads and convert them to customers.