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Simple Steps To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Ontario Tourist Region

Tourists flock to the internet to research destinations they want to visit. If your business has a dedicated Facebook page, ...
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inbound-marketing-checklist-1-300x211 Blog

What Is Smarketing And How To Make Your Team Stronger

If you’re trying to figure out ' what is smarketing? '  you’ve come to the right place. Smarketing is sales and ...
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content-marketing-and-inbound-marketing-1-300x251 Blog

How Content Marketing And Inbound Marketing Work Together For You

Marketing professionals use the terms content marketing and inbound marketing regularly. Some marketers use the two phrases interchangeably. However, they ...
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get-started-with-Twitter-1-300x200 Blog

Why Companies That Use Blogs Should Get Started With Twitter

When you get started with Twitter, you can evolve your business by getting more eyes on your blog. It doesn’t ...
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How to Help Content Creation Go Smoothly For Your Organization

You, like most staff, struggle with writing content for your own company, usually because you’re juggling too much. Tangible Words ...
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The Benefits of A Company Facebook Page and How to Get ‘Liked’

Facebook, like Twitter, has the power to attract - if you know when and what to post on your company ...
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content-creation-services-feature-1-300x199 Blog

What’s Content Creation? How Content Creation Services Help Companies

The first question to answer is “what is content”. Then, "how can content creation services help my business"? Your business ...
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unique-selling-proposition-USP-1-300x169 Blog

How Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Sets Your Business Apart

Your business’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the value or benefit that sets your business apart from others in your ...
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OEMC-2017-presentation-300x150 Blog

OEMC 2017 Presentation – Help Local Businesses Thrive & Attract New Investors

On Thursday September 14th at 11:30am, Alysha Dominico, Co-Founder of Tangible Words Ltd. will present "Help Local Businesses Thrive & ...
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communications-support-for-non-profit-organizations-300x212 Blog

5 Reasons To Use Communications Support For Non-Profit Organizations

Cost effective communications support for non-profit organizations is vital for attracting donations and support. Because non-profit communications departments are often the ...
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Create A Website That Raises Money For Your Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit organization website design can be complicated. Your website needs to be cost-effective, deal with complex topics, overcome objections and ...
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Pasta-Tavola-logo Blog

“The leadership and expertise made creating a sales tool website easy…”

"Tangible Words worked with us to create the digital strategy for our sales tool website from refining and simplifying our ...
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your-target-market-and-buyer-persona-1-300x300 Blog

Here’s How Your Target Market And Buyer Persona Attract More Customers

First, you need to understand the difference between your target market and your buyer persona so you can use them ...
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301-redirects-300x170 Blog

301 Redirects: How To Succeed At Rebuilding A Website

301 redirects allow you to maintain your website’s clout without the need to rebuild your audience from the bottom up ...
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QEDC-for-website Blog

“The digital strategy and content creation services they provided…”

"We are extremely happy with the strategic communications services Tangible Words provides. Their services are 100% professional: timely, proficient and ...
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Marketing-frustration-300x200 Blog

Sales Reps Won’t Call Your Inbound Leads?

Sales reps love the sound of the phone ringing. Hope springs eternal: could that be the sound of a ready-to-buy customer ...
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the-difference-between-features-and-benefits-300x192 Blog

Why The Difference Between Features and Benefits Matters

The difference between features and benefits is well-known to copywriters but a mystery to many others. And this difference could ...
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“Tangible Words helped us develop our value proposition, buyer’s journey..”

"Tangible Words was exactly what we needed to increase the capacity of our organization to reach our intended audience and to ...
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attract-investors-online-through-business-blogs-300x200 Blog

Here’s How You Can Attract Investors Online Through Business Blogs

In a perfect world your economic development region would speak for itself. But in the online world it’s the  economic ...
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Support Your Marketing Team On A Small Budget

Every business owner understands the balancing act between time and money. Either you don’t have enough of one, the other, ...
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