attract-international-manufacturing-customers-300x225 Blog

5 Ways Online Marketing Can Attract International Manufacturing Customers

You manufacture great products. You know your industry well and yet you may still struggle to increase tracked, qualified leads ...
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Pasta-Tavola-new-website-300x144 Blog

Strategic Website Sales Tool, Refines Messages, Faster Content Creation

Creating a Website Sales Tool For Pasta Tavola: Research, Plan & Execute Pasta Tavola knew they needed to turn their ...
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How Are The Best Manufacturing Websites On Page 1 Of Google?

How can your company rank as one of the best manufacturing websites? Firstly, it’s got to be visible to consumers ...
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How To Create Website Content That Increases Sales

Deciding the type of website content that increases sales can feel a bit overwhelming. You start with a homepage and ...
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How Using Social Media for Business Marketing Can Improve Sales

When using social media for business marketing you increase your sales by building online relationships. Help potential customers feel more ...
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How To Set Up A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should be based on original research.  Research helps you produce quality online content. Content quality is ...
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improve-your-online-economic-development-communications-300x148 Blog

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Economic Development Communications

You’ve got a great economic development location, welcoming community and knowledgeable staff. Now, it's time to improve your online Economic ...
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social-media-for-manufacturing-companies-1-300x200 Blog

3 Reasons Social Media For Manufacturing Companies Is A Great Idea

For your company to grow you need to learn social media for manufacturing companies. To attract international customers, your website ...
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How To Use SEO To Increase Website Traffic For Your Company

You'll see the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) right away because you use SEO to increase website traffic so ...
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How To Attract Manufacturer Customers With Smarketing and Personas

Manufacturing is a precise trade, approached with intent; so is its marketing to attract manufacturer customers. In order to be ...
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produe-content-with-specific-appeal-300x200 Blog

Three Reasons To Write Content To Attract Your Target Audience

So you’ve started inbound marketing to attract your target audience (if not, read 5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Works). Good ...
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Write-Economic-Development-Content-Specific-To-Your-Target-Audience-300x200 Blog

Write Economic Development Content Specific To Your Target Audience

You need to write economic development content specific to your target audience because content is still king. The most difficult part ...
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convert-leads-to-sales-300x200 Blog

How To Earn International Sales For Companies That Manufacture

Using websites, blogs, social media posts -  inbound marketing - is an inexpensive and far reaching way to earn international sales ...
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keep-year-round-interest-in-your-ontario-tourist-region-300x168 Blog

How To Keep Year Round Interest In Your Ontario Tourist Region

If you’re in the business of helping visitors discover Ontario - or any location - you know what the off-season ...
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write-good-business-blogs-to-sell-more-online-300x212 Blog

How To Write Good Business Blogs To Sell More Online

Google rates your company blog, that's why you need to write good business blogs to sell more online. Google reads your website ...
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Nov-7-EDCO-webinar-300x150 Blog

How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars: EDCO Webinar

On November 7th, in partnership with EDCO, Tangible Words will be presenting “How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars in ...
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business-email-marketing-300x294 Blog

Create Content For Your Email Campaign That Converts Leads to Sales

In the world of marketing, you need to create content for your email campaign that turns an interested contact into ...
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Attract-tourists-to-your-Ontario-region-1-300x200 Blog

5 Online Techniques To Attract Tourists To Your Ontario Region

Your amazing tourist region is a destination worthy of any bucket list but you still need to work to attract ...
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Easy Ways To Promote Your Region: A Tourism Destination Facebook Page

Savvy tourism businesses have been using tourism destination Facebook pages to reach their target tourist audience. These pages help convert ...
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Inbound-Marketing-Funnel-300x202 Blog

Inbound Marketing Tactics to Get More Customers with Less Work

Potential customers want to do their own research and decide for themselves what it is they need or want, that's ...
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