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Manufacturing Website Design: How To Attract A Global Audience

Manufacturing website design, like web design in any industry, is focused on delivering solutions to the people who need them ...
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Keywords-1-300x200 Blog

Professional Keyword Placement Strategies: Improve Website SEO

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional keyword placement strategies will attract the right buyers to your company website. After all, ...
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hiring-copywriters-copyediters-and-WordPress-website-developers-300x134 Blog

Now Hiring Copywriters, Copyeditors and WordPress Website Developers

Tangible Words is expanding AGAIN!! We need to add more copywriters, copyeditors and WordPress website developers to our Website & ...
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Use-web-design-to-attract-investors-300x212 Blog

How to Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Website

Although content is king, the design of your economic development website is also important when trying to attract  investors and ...
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Security-for-CASL-300x225 Blog

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Changes 2017: What it Looks Like

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation changes (CASL) - which would have given the public legal entitlement to class action lawsuits for violations ...
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Search-Engine-Optimization-Improves-Website-Ranking-300x132 Blog

A Guide to How Search Engine Optimization Improves Website Ranking

Successful inbound marketing depends on people finding you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves website ranking so that your business gets ...
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4 Reasons Buyer Personas Improve Inbound Marketing

You might think that your marketing and sales departments work together as a team (and in a perfect world, they ...
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Use Your Manufacturing Website To Attract International Customers

To grow your manufacturing business you must try to attract international customers. So, how do you stay competitive globally? You need ...
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Attract-investors-with-an-elevator-pitch-feature-300x200 Blog

A Sales Pitch to Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Region

You could talk about your economic development region for hours. But when you’re trying to attract investors, it’s best to ...
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wifi-design-a-tourist-friendly-website-300x300 Blog

Questions You Need To Ask To Design A Tourist Friendly Website

Your tourist destination has a lot to offer international, regional, and local visitors. You want to make it a bucket ...
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unlock-secret-to-buzzFeeds-success-196x300 Blog

How To Unlock The Secret To BuzzFeed’s Success For Your Company

At first glance, the content on seems to consist mostly of listicles (and funny cat gifs). But there’s so ...
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How To Use Non-Verbal Communication For Economic Development

Non-verbal communication makes up 93% of all communication[i], according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, making it a powerful tool you can ...
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How To Choose A SEO-Friendly URL For Your Business

The world wide web contains 4.5 billion indexed pages with new pages being added every day ( Using SEO keywords ...
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Turn Objections Into Opportunities For Your Ontario Tourist Region

We all want to feel that we are making good decisions. Tourists can need several points of contact before deciding to ...
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hire-content-writers-300x300 Blog

Hire Content Writers and Lighten Your Marketing Team’s Load

Your marketing department has a lot of responsibilities: strategy, market research, sales support, and communications just to name a few ...
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get-more-likes-and-shares-300x212 Blog

Manufacturers: Get Customers To Like And Share Your Content

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy creating a manufacturing website. You've written optimized content so you're ready to convert worldwide ...
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Attract-tourists-to-your-Ontario-tourism-region-300x200 Blog

Elevator Pitches That Attract Tourists To Your Tourist Destination

Marketing and sales may have changed but one thing remains the same: a great elevator pitch that attracts tourists to ...
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new-content-ideas-to-attract-tourists-300x225 Blog

How To Develop New Content Ideas To Attract Tourists to Your Region

Coming up with new content ideas to attract tourists doesn’t need to be a hassle. Take some time to hone ...
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Gain More Twitter Followers As A Tourism Expert

By spending as little as six hours a week, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media. (Hubspot ...
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How To Boost Website Traffic to Attract Investors With Social Media

You can attract investors with social media plus boost website traffic. Step One: create a relationship between your business social media accounts ...
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