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Three Ways To Create Email Subject Lines That Attract Tourists

It doesn’t matter how great your tourism marketing email content is, you need email subject lines that attract tourists or no one will open your emails. In fact, 33% of email recipient’s decide whether to open an email based on its subject line, according to Hubspot. Much like a book is judged by its cover, emails are judged by their subject lines. So, if you’re using an email marketing campaign to attract tourists to your Ontario tourist region you need to put a lot of thought into how you present yourself. Luckily, I have a few tricks to help you choose


How A Five Second Video Increases Website Traffic

Words are good. Especially when they’re clear, concise and lift your company’s recognition above your competitors. But a five second video can be your most valuable tool to increase website traffic when your goal is to engage more consumers, fast. You heard it right, from a writer no less, five second videos (and other visuals) help you engage more consumers. Videos can be dramatic and fun. They’ll evoke emotions and emotional reactions that even the best writing can’t stir in everyone. And, an effective five second video lets you send your message before attentions move on to the next stimulus. What’s better,


How to Set Up LinkedIn to Increase Online Sales for Your Company

Understanding how to set up LinkedIn to increase online sales is a huge opportunity, with such a large number of top professionals networked together in one location, which is available to you 24/7 through your nearest device. 3 LinkedIn Stats that May Surprise You LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for content distribution 94 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content Content gets 15 times the interaction of job postings on LinkedIn 13 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page to Increase Online Sales The purpose of the LinkedIn Company Page is to “raise brand awareness, promote


5 Simple Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook, along with the rest of modern technology, is evolving. If you run a small business and are looking to make your mark online, you need to keep up with the changes and implement them to your full advantage. Luckily, the developers behind the revolutionary software have created a variety of options for you to increase your likes on Facebook. First Steps for Launching Your Facebook Business Page Marketing Strategy Know what you want. It sounds simple, but without a clear objective in mind, how can you know which tools will give you the best results? Who is your ideal


How to Reach Your Economic Development Investors Today

Reaching your target audience aka economic development investors is only part of the mission. You must connect. Why? Lack of connection means lack of relationship and lack of investment in your region. Growth is achieved through shared resources and networking. Make Full Use of the Benefits of Social Media to Connect to Economic Development Investors Create cohesion within your team via a well-thought-out content strategy & policy—these will clarify goals and keep you and your team on course. Invest in training so the team is prepared to keep the site up-to-date and functioning optimally. Consistency and solid planning in this area


Useful Social Media Tools for Ontario Tourism Marketing

You may have already read "How Inbound Marketing will Attract Tourists to Your Ontario Region". If not, it's worth a read. Now we focus on tools that will make it easier for Ontario tourism marketing Social media sharing is a key part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. However often we get hung up on trying to decide on what photo to add to a blog article to share, or how to track the social media results. Here's a list of good social media tools to use for your Ontario Tourism Marketing. Making it Easier For Ontario Tourism Marketing Canva - make an


Increase Your Online Sales and Grow Your Business in 2017

The end of 2016 has come and, like most entrepreneurs, you probably have a whole list of articles you wanted to read – all relevant to your business! To help you catch up, here is our compilation of… The 7 Top Content Marketing Articles to Help You Grow Your Business Online in 2017  SEO Tips To Help You Attract The Right Buyers in 2017 - Once you’ve enriched your site with good-quality and audience-relevant content, you want investors and potential customers to read it. One way to drive traffic to your content is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How To Use Twitter


3 Ways to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

The Good News - people open up our e-newsletters (even if it is to tell us we made a mistake) and they also know how to share or comment using the social media buttons (in order to get a live response!). Two big wins for email marketing! The Bad News - On our latest e-newsletter (announcing our change from Constant Contact to Hubspot) the personal token (Dear Firstname) didn't actually add in people's first name. This meant that EVERYONE received an email that started with Dear Firstname! How embarrassing, so we made a checklist to follow so this doesn't happen


Who Was At #OEMC2016 and What Happened?

WOW! #OEMC2016 was ranked as the top trend in Canada by @WorldTrend! Here's a snapshot of some of the great resources @OEMC_Conference @OntarioEast lets us connect with every September! Who was at #OEMC2016? Should you be here next year? [View the story "Who was at #OEMC2016 & What Happened?" on Storify]

How To Create Community Engagement

Tweeps gathered virtually to discuss this topic at #OEMC2016 - here's the advice and insight they shared on how to create community engagement. [View the story "How To Create Community Engagement" on Storify]

Communicating ‘Quick Wins’: Successful EDOs Do…

Economic Developers gathered virtually for this #OEMC2016 Tweetchat topic to share learning and insight. Find out what successful EDOs do. [View the story "Communicating 'Quick Wins': Successful EDOs Do..." on Storify]

Conference Tweeting 101-Why Would Economic Developers Use Twitter?

Why would economic developers use Twitter? Find out more here during the Tweetchats at the Ontario East Municipal Conference in Kingston, Ontario [View the story "Why Would Economic Developers Use Twitter? " on Storify]

Best Ideas and Resources for New EDOs!

[View the story "Best Ideas & Resources for New EDOs! #OEMC2016" on Storify]

What To Tweet About As An Economic Developer?

Are you an economic developer who is hesitant about online marketing and Twitter? Here’s exactly why Twitter is the ‘must have’ tool for economic developers: it’s key to retention and investment attraction. I know I know, you probably have all these objections to using Twitter. But I can rebut every single one and show you why Twitter is perfect for EcDev. And, Twitter could be your new best friend (seriously, or at least the app who introduces you to your new best friend) at your next economic development conference. The Ontario East Municipal Conference is around the corner, follow the


Attention Economic Developers – You Need To Get On Twitter Now!

Reasons All Economic Developers Should Be On Twitter at Economic Development Conferences: If you’ve met me before, I can hear you screaming:  “WHAT? A whole group of people should start using one channel?” That can’t be true as a blanket statement! But check it out: During-Conference: Twitter at an Economic Development Conference is Your #1 Ally For Meaningfully Connect & Learn From Your Network. Read this post and go from Twitter Newbie to Twitter Rockstar in minutes! Post-Conference: Twitter is the best way for Economic Developers to quickly connect with key audiences. Read this post and take your Twitter awesomeness to


6 Ways to Use Twitter Post Conference?

Twitter Post Conference: The best way for Economic Developers to quickly connect with their key audiences.  We covered using Twitter during an economic development conference and how to get noticed on Twitter. Here’s 6 Ways You Should Be Using Twitter for Post Conference. Twitter for retention: Twitter is awesome for helping grow support for your local businesses. One great way to do this? Make a Twitter list of all the businesses in your region who are using Twitter. Interact with their posts, retweet their posts and show your support for their causes! (Read more about how to use Twitter to


Who Has Time? Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences

4 Objections To Using Twitter at Conferences. Who has time for Twitter?  Put Twitter on your mobile phone and set up your Twitter strategy with this free e-book (email Tangible Words) and I guarantee you can do this with 5 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week and the value to your life will far exceed the invested 5 minutes of time. Think of it as texting a new friend: you’d find time for that. Council or my CAO wouldn’t approve: put in your bio that this is your personal account. Twitter is amazing for promoting your community - and


Here’s How To Grow Your Network Using Twitter at Conferences

Twitter at an Economic Development Conference Is Your #1 Ally to Grow Your Network. There’s a lot of downtime at conferences – people tend to check emails on their phone or text their partners to say when they’re leaving. Instead, you could use this time to meet more people who are interested in the topics that intrigue you. Grow your network using Twitter AND learn new skills. Check it out: Meaningfully Connect to New People and Grow Your Network Using Twitter: It’s not always easy to meet new people at a conference - you’re networking and a lot of people


Here’s How To Get People To Notice You On Twitter

Twitter’s great - but how to do you make sure you get traction? Here Are 7 Quick Tips to Get People to Notice You on Twitter. Reply (in a meaningful way) to someone else’s tweet. Participate in pre-scheduled Tweetchats - make sure you always use the Tweetchat’s designated hashtag, e.g. #OEMC2016. Use a hashtag like #OEMC2016, which people are already using, in your tweet. (Watch for "Learn to Understand What The #%^ is a Hashtag" coming soon. Mention another Twitter user (that means name drop another Twitter user by putting the @ symbol in front of their account name: e.g.


Reasons Why Economic Developers Hesitate With Twitter

Even though Economic Development is largely a sales role (you’re selling your community) #EcDev is a little unique. Besides being concerned about ROI, economic developers hesitate with Twitter and other online marketing tools for 2 reasons: Your Business Retention Focus: When it comes to your Business Retention & Expansion plans (BR+E) your local businesses’ success is your success. Promoting and staying in contact with other businesses is critical to you. Running out of time is common amongst economic developers (many of whom share other roles). But, good news: that’s exactly why online marketing can make your life way easier.  (Online