Consequences of Email Marketing Without a Plan

Are you considering a business blog for your company or perhaps a monthly e-newsletter? Have you wondered if you would have people interested enough to read your email marketing newsletters or blog articles?

The #1 reason most email marketing fails = NO CONTENT PLAN.

3 Consequences of Email Marketing Without a Plan:

  1. Annoyance of running out of things to say.
  2. Decreasing your credibility (last e-newsletter was 2010…or last blog post 4 months ago)
  3. Junk mail…

First Decide The Variety of Reasons People Want to Hear From You:

Which Suits Your Company?

1. Education: DIY, How-To, Reminders of How-To
2. Currency: News, Industry,  Gossip
3. Sharing: something cool, helpful
4. Offers: promotions, discounts
Once you have decided this, it is time to create a content plan including topics, keywords, and who is responsible. Once complete, don’t forget your editorial calendar!