Content Creation Services and Inbound Marketing

Ease Your Ongoing Content Demands and Grow Your Business.

Support Your Marketing and Sales Team

Unique, frequent content gets you found online. Hire content writing experts to help your marketing team finish the ‘extra’ content that piles up, plus get industry expertise on how content creation will attract more leads, and convert them into customers you want.

You’ll get additional marketing employees who work with you all year without paying employee benefits!

Adapt Your Sales and Marketing Teams to Create a Smarketing Engine?

Inbound marketing is a marketing method that helps attract quality prospects to your company, converts these visitors into leads and closes them as customers. When you know your ideal customers/target audiences/buyer personas you can then align your content on your website, blog, and social media messages to naturally attract them into the buying cycle.

Before Rebuilding Your Website, Sharing on Social Media or Writing a Company Blog, Let us First:

    • Develop Your Buyer Personas (Ideal Customers)so that you know who you’re going to have most success with, how to find them, and what kind of content to write for them. 
    • Understand Their Problems – the key issues your persona(s) have so that content can be created to help solve their problem and/or get them interacting with your website so you can eventually help solve their problem. 

Then Use Inbound Marketing Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

inbound-marketing-methodology-2 Content Creation Services and Inbound Marketing

From the Awareness to Consideration to the Decision Stage of a potential customer, content marketing attracts visitors to leads and then converts them to customers. In partnership with Tangible Words, content is created for each persona, with content offers to provide helpful information to your potential customers. Here you can then nurture these leads with targeted emails and industry specific offers before confirming a sales conversation. Also learn how to use a Marketing Tracking Tool so you can track your marketing results.

Here Are 5 Ways Adding a Marketing Expert To Your Team Will Make Your Business Grow. Remember you are hiring a team of content experts without paying employee benefits!

Have Social Media Marketing Needs?

No problem, we’ll help generate thought leadership content and set up your daily/weekly/monthly calendar to post to each social media tool in the years ahead.