Your Facebook Business Page – How to Utilize it Better to Sell for You

Facebook Business Page

Are you a business who put up a Facebook Business Page and have done nothing with it since?

Well you are not alone. With the ever changing platform and getting busy with your own business, Facebook Business Pages are often left as they were when first set up.

Here are a few things to help your Facebook Business Page Sell For You:

  1. Have you used a Pop Up contact form before or Chat tool so people can chat with you live? You can add a Facebook App for these types of tools so that potential clients can connect with you while on your website or Facebook. Example: vCita has an App that is easy to add to your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Have products or services to sell through PayPal? You can add a PayPal App to your Facebook page. Here is a great video to help:
Facebook Business Page