Frequently Asked Questions

Inbound Marketing, Website Copywriting and Content Creation.

  1. I’m not sure we have sufficient content requirements to get value from 12 months Content Creation Retainer.
    If customer service, and sales are important to you: you have high content needs. You just might not know what to write about yet! But don’t worry. We make a 12 month calendar of priority tasks that have to get done – and if that process germinates new ideas along the way: we’ll write those for you too!
  2. We only need a website, nothing else. Is this plan for us?
    Absolutely. We have developed a proprietary method to give you (and your customers) 100% satisfaction with your new website. The website plan includes planning the messages, determining what information lives where, SEO copywriting, and implementing subsequent online marketing – because you’ll need it!
  3. This sounds awesome, but I can’t start until my next financial year.
    We totally get it! We help you draw up the plan of what you need now so you know what to set aside when your new financial year comes up and how to pitch it to your team. And even better, you’ll have all these months in between to be excited about a new product guaranteed to make your life and work easier – and less stressful!
  4. We were thinking about hiring a full time content person instead.
    Super! You agree with us about the importance of high quality, consistent, frequent content. Most find even one employee can’t produce the amount of content required. Here you have a specialist and extra writers to help.¬†And if you don’t have the budget for a whole new employee, the Content Creation Plan is your savior: it’s a virtual employee (but you don’t pay vacation or benefit plans!)
  5. What’s the return on investment for focusing on content and inbound marketing?
    Great question! If you love numbers, then you can track all that we do using platforms like Google Analytics. However we do find many of our clients don’t have time for this, so adding Hubspot to your content plan with us is definitely worth the investment. They can track anything and everything. Contact us to find out more about Hubspot and how it can benefit your inbound marketing.
  6. But we’re last minute people. We rarely get to plan in advance.
    No problem! We can get your extra tasks done even in a rush within reason or for an additional fee. But we’ll also give you a plan to become more proactive. And we’ll be working hard behind the scenes so you don’t feel like you’re always in a reactive state: we get you on-track, ongoing.
  7. Do I have to commit to 12 months?
    Not at all! You’re welcome to pay month-to-month; it is a higher fee but if you commit to 12 months, you’ll pay a discounted fee!
  8. What if I need content larger than 2 pages?
    We have Customer Loyalty discounts for Premium Customers like you.
  9. What’s the best thing about hiring Tangible Words instead of creating our content in-house?
    Glad you asked! We’ve helped increase sales by 340%, doubled revenue, created new income streams, won competitions and bids, plus secured page 1 Google rank for our clients. It’s our proven process and a team of professional content writers we put on every job; they’re trained in a specialized style of writing based on how people read and make purchasing decisions. Plus you get a project manager along with it!
  10. We rely heavily on using our time instead of our money. Is this plan for us?
    Having a specialist on website copywriting and increasing sales online can be very beneficial for you even if you plan on doing lots of writing. Plus we find most organizations have much more content to write than workers and that’s how we can help!