How do people read online? (part 3)


Most people learn from physical experiences (photo: Australian Bush Life Blog)

Now you already know there’s a difference between being a good writer and being a great copywriter. Because high school and university don’t adequately prepare you for business writing. As a former Senior English teacher, I thought I’d share more than just my knowledge of sales and copywriting today.

Why It Pays To Understand Learning Styles – how people read online

Do you realise your website is an educational tool? A great website will teach readers why we should pay attention to your company.
Yet, when we’re learning, some of us like to read, some of us like to listen, and most of us prefer physical experiences.

To help readers learn about your company, make sure you appeal to all learning styles.

Top 3 Tips For Appealing To Various Learning Styles On Your Website:

  1. Physical-experience-people like to use their senses. Looking at pictures, and setting up the site with texture (columns & widgets) appeals to the senses of ‘touch’ and ‘see’). Plus, use text interlinks to show readers how to ‘move through’ the site.
  2. Including a video or slideshow with voice-over explanations appeals to the auditory learners, who learn better by listening.
  3. Engaging, benefit-driven copy will make sure you grab the attention of reader-learners, without boring them to tears with dry, academic language. Focus your copy on “WII.FM.” (Never heard of WII.FM? Get your free website audit and learn!)