57% of your buyer’s journey is over before your customers talk to your sales team.

So who is managing that first half of your sales cycle? A HubSpot certified full funnel sales support and inbound marketing agency, like Tangible Words, can.
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Shorter Sales Cycle

Read about how Area9 made $600K in the first five months of inbound marketing with a Hubspot Certified Partner.

Quality Leads

See if your sales team can get more quality leads this year, using a team approach to repeatable, predictable, sales.

Expert Knowledge

Tangible Words has built a large body of knowledge in: Tourism, Economic Development, Industrial & Manufacturing, Education & SaaS – as well as all the sales and inventory problems any mid-sized company faces.

Inbound Case Story:

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Connect with the right leads so your sales team can stop spending time on the wrong ones. Here are 3 things you need:

HubSpot: the shiny car to track website & digital outreach ROI.


You can’t run that car without fuel: content.

All in One Growth Agency:

Tangible Words: content fuel and HS software specialists.

Shorter Sales Cycle, Better Quality Leads

Inbound Marketing Essentials CTA

Learn more about Inbound Marketing.

You’ll Choose to Hire an Inbound Marketing Specialist for:

1. Your Sales Team

When your sales team absolutely needs to connect with more quality leads this year

2. Your Customers

When you want to both attract more of your most profitable customer and to increase customer lifetime value.

3. Your Revenue

When you’re trying to jump above a $3M/a threshold & need a traceable system to do so.

4. Your Product or Service

When you have an amazing product or service more people need to know about.

5. Your Results

When you want to be led by an expert team to get increased sales results.

6. Your System

When you need a system that gives you repeatable, predictable, sales.

Not Getting Results?

You’ve made a commitment to step up your inbound marketing game by purchasing HubSpot inbound marketing software, but it’s not working. Read this.

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Inbound Marketing Best Practices

Get full funnel sales support to help you reach a more qualified audience to close deals more quickly, or nurture those not yet ready to buy.

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Learn More About Inbound Marketing

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