Online Content Marketing–is it an opportunity for you?

“Dave”* called me up two weeks ago, in a position I often see a lot of customers. They’re coming to the end of their sales funnel and are exhausted. They’re attracted to online content because of the idea of “free ad space”. Plus, they feel it’s important to “keep up with the times”.
Dave has all kinds of great ideas. But writing, and understanding how to be a disciplined writer, isn’t in his skill set. Further, while online content marketing really interests him, he doesn’t have a lot of “extra” time to frequently create content.
Dave was one of the first to sign up for Flexi-Words content writing plan. We had a 90-minute consultation and spent the entire time digging those ideas out of his head and into a formulated content writing ‘plan of attack’.
Now I better understood his market, and what he was trying to achieve, our copywriters do the ongoing content writing for him, and all he has to do is approve the business writing.

If you know there’s an opportunity for you to get into online content, you might also wonder who has time to sit there and write ‘draft after draft’? A content writer like a website copywriter.

*Name changed to protect individual's privacy.