Rewrite your BNI Infomercial/Sales Manager Minute or “elevator pitch”

I know I said in Failing Technology Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Business Presentation I would post next on a Technology Fail Safe Plan, but I’ve been asked so often about “Planning your BNI Infomercial (or “Sales Manager Minute”)” that this post seemed more immediate.

Try your hand at copywriting: the secret to re-writing your BNI Infomercial (or “Sales Manager Minute”)

At the end of this activity, you’ll have a brand new BNI infomercial (“Sales Manager Minute”) for your BNI sales team. But to make the most of rewriting your BNI infomercial, you should grab a piece of  scrap paper now.
INSTRUCTIONS: Divide your page into five areas. Then answer the following questions (one question for each section of the page).

  1. What product would you like to sell? (Write your answer in Area 1.)
  2. What problem does your product solve? (Write your answer in Area 2.)
  3. What profession could use this product?
  4. What special offer, or incentive, could you give to get someone to use your product now? (*This answer should be something you’re already doing; e.g. A café ‘s offer could be a free coffee to whomever brings in a new friend for lunch).
  5. Turn each area into a sentence ( you might want to combine area 1 with 3).

Your new BNI Infomercial (a.k.a. “Sales Manager Minute”) will have the following:

You’ll have 3 sentences in this order for your infomercial:

Well, what did you come up with? Think it will sell your product?

Leave your draft BNI Infomercial as a comment and receive free feedback from a Tangible Words copywriter.

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  • I started a BNI chapter in Walnut Creek CA from scratch and it was a lot of work… I was the first guy making the phone calls. I’m really proud of that group as it is a million dollar chapter now.
    An elevator pitch is very important… I have several pitches depending who I’m speaking with. It can be difficult to keep them all in line and natural. That is one reason I have created a formula for the elevator pitch. Here is my basic formula let me know what you think of it
    4 Simple Steps to Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch
    1. Identify who you can help by starting with… I show people who (need to save money, want to buy real estate, want to own their home, can’t get a mortgage,)
    2. Identify what you can help them with…. how they can (increase their revenue, income, own a home, pay less on their mortgage)
    3. Identify why they can benefit… so they can (have more time freedom, enjoy home ownership, reap tax benefits, spend more time with family)
    4. Ask if they know anyone like that… end with a question or ask for a referral.

    • Hi Jason,
      starting a chapter is a lot of work, but I’m glad BNI is worthwhile for you, too.
      I think that’s also a good formula, but I would work Step 3 throughout each of the steps. A benefit should accompany every point. That way you can also make sure you avoid abstract language and make every point real to the people who are listening.

  • Thanks Alysha. Whadyareckon of this!?!
    Good morning, my name is Brett Dashwood from Dashwood Consulting.
    We help companies save money through postal discounting and facilitating production printing and mailing of their documents.
    We also help companies make money too, but something that is often more important than money to Small to Medium Businesses is time; so we’ll help you get back time for you and your staff too.
    Of course every business can save time and money, but specifically this week I’m looking for owners or marketing managers of Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Auto Dealers, and professional Football clubs.
    Right now we are offering a no obligation, free analysis of current document printing and postal processes, so if you know of or hear of a company that produces 100’s or 1000’s of mail pieces at once and wants to save money & time, please send them our way.
    Brett Dashwood from Dashwood Consulting; helping you deliver the right message, to the right people, right now!

    • Hi Brett,
      Top effort in starting to plan your infomercial!
      Your first 2 sentences are your most important. So make sure you don’t use any industry jargon, or abstract words. You might lose people with “postal discounting” and “facilitating production”.
      Also, take the focus off your company and, and paint a picture of them. Such as how you say whom you’re looking for, and how you say “100′s or 1000′s of mail pieces.”
      I think you could really strengthen this for next week by talking about the different mail pieces. Maybe tell a story about how much you saved the person by sending their mail outs.

  • Make sure you also put in the key words for how you save the company money (e.g. “Cheaper Mail Outs Tell The World About Your Company!”). Your headline then won’t be competing with all the other websites who promise to save companies money.

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