Marketing Training

All Employees Need Professional Development

So why not support your marketing team with marketing training on website content writing, inbound marketing, or bring your sales and marketing teams together to help each other increase sales?

Or if you’re redeveloping your website, it’s critical to get feedback from all contributors. Tangible Words facilitates and trains your team to collate and lead changes to your communications direction. This includes:

  • Staff instructed in how to reach content goals – immediate and future – that align with strategic communications objectives.
  • External Perspective on Website Information Requirements
  • Project Management of timelines, scope and budget.
  • General Presentation to All Departments & Individual Meetings
  • Survey set-up and results management

Marketing Training Available For Your Team (Also Pre-Approved by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant):

  1. Understand Inbound Sales & Marketing – Develop consensus amongst staff on how best to reach the organization’s revenue goals and the customer’s goals. Establish what needs to be communicated on the website and in all future marketing materials to achieve your strategic objectives.
  2. Smarketing: The Sales & Marketing Fast Track – Establish the process for the tools and elements required to be successful. Get started.
  3. OR a, Custom Course from Tangible Words – you already know we’re the right team for the job, let’s customize a course to your sales and marketing challenges.

Alysha-at-OEMC-2014 Marketing TrainingAs Queen’s University trained teachers with international teaching experience, Tangible Words’ skill comes well recommended. Guest speaking includes:

  • Conferences (OEMC to LaTornell, iPL4)
  • Colleges and Universities (Loyalist, Waterloo)
  • Economic Development Commissions
  • Councils of Ontario Universities

“Interested in one of the Staff Training Options? See what can be done for you.”

Learn How to Manage Your Own Content Marketing

  • Does an employee need to learn copywriting techniques in order to better write online?  Ask us about the Introduction of Writing Copy Course that all Tangible Words copywriters must take to work with us.
  • The Workplace Grammar Course is designed to pinpoint participants’ writing (or speaking) challenges. Each member learns tools for self-correction, from idea organization to clear expression.