"I Want a New Website Design" Checklist

Before you start your new website design and even before you decide on a website developer, don’t forget these¬†6 strategies¬†discussed in the last article. Once you’ve completed those strategies, you are now ready for a new website or website redesign. Here is a checklist to go through with your website developer so that you get all you need and want for your company website.

Remember to ask your website developer about:

  1. A Mobile Friendly website
  2. A Custom Header – For your logo and tagline
  3. Providing a test site where new content can be posted before uploading it to my old domain
  4. Colours that will suit your brand
  5. A back-up procedure for your new website
  6. Homepage customization
  7. Do they work well with website copywriters?
  8. Modules – drag & drop template sections so you will be able to customize pages yourself or by your administration team.
  9. Columns/Sidebars (widgets) to hold consistent information on every page
  10. A domain URL purchase (www….)
  11. Web Hosting Service
  12. Blog or chronological article space
  13. Dynamic Social Media icons and update space
  14. Time to figure out how many pages you need and where the information will go using our company website copywriter
  15. Help finding images
  16. A Content Management System (CMS) so I can change content myself when necessary.
  17. Images will be high resolution so displays need to have fast downloads.

Are we forgetting anything that you think would be helpful when speaking with your website developer?