Online Content & Business Social Media Dangers

Someone once said: the best choice is an informed choice.
If you haven’t dipped into social media for business yet, you might be feeling ‘behind the 8-ball’. Maybe you resisted social media because you were nervous about the extra time commitment. Thus, a service that promises to do all your social media in 10 min a day might appeal to you. But buyer, beware.
Do your own research on social media. And never base a purchase on one source information.

3 things to know before you get into business social media 

1. The online content of your messages should be planned. You won’t be able to rely on simply passing on someone else’s content. True social media credibility comes from sharing your unique thoughts.
2. Have a reason for using social media for business. Your content should be based around a definite purpose or social media strategy. Anything else won’t be sustainable, or effective. An example of a social media strategy might be to use it to promote your company name with your keywords. Or to become a thought leader in your industry.
3. Plan to measure your social media. If you can’t measure your ROI (Return On Investment) you’ll at least want to measure your ROE (Return On Energy). No matter how little time you want to spend on social media, it’s still time away from something else. Twitter Counter, Klout and Empire Avenue can all be used for measurement.

Social media is just another way of talking to your prospects. So be informed about what you’re really choosing. Because social media might not be for you, and that’s OK too.